The importance of Marketing Automation in a Marketing Omnichannel strategy
Actually the users prefer to communicate with the brand through various available channels (websites, chat, email, social media, during the events and on more traditional media as press, TV and radio), so for the brand is important taking advantage of marketing omnichannel.
An Omnichannel strategy benefits from all the channels and define them as a unique point of communication, focuses on campaign and offers a logical message on all the channels with whom the target audience communicates.
An omnichannel approach allows marketing manager to be engaged with their own customers and it represents often the key element to ensure the Inbound Marketing campaigns could get great results.

Why Marketing Automation is essential?

In the last decade, the expectations of users to the brand are considerably increased, in fact their engagement is not only for the product purchase, but rather they find an experience to lead them to the purchase journey.
The marketer, based on those needs, have to lead and engage the user in every step of Customer Journey, taking advantage of Marketing Automation solutions to be optimized.
Today Marketing Automation represents a strategic point to satisfy the various user needs and to improve the knowledge of their own customers.

1. Customer Journey mapping

Marketing managers needs to get efficient and concrete information, because, allow to make strategies and track the campaign results.
Otherwise, seeing as the users are not always interested to complete surveys and make reviews, it’s not easy getting detailed information and consequently decrease the opportunity to get feedback.
Marketing Automation allows the brand to monitor the user behaviours and discover specific information of every Lead, tracking with precision all the actions during his Customer Journey.

Marketing Automation helps you to:

  • Identify a visitor and give it an ID;
  • Monitor the first interaction between brand and customer;
  • Track the user experience and the brand;
  • Customize and optimize the messages;
  • Identify critical point in the Customer Journey;
  • Analyse the customized interaction journeys based on the Customer Base segmentation.

Brand could take opportunity from online information and put them into sources of income, for this reason is essential not waste the information we have.

2. Giving customized and dynamic content

Certainly the more difficult job is represented by a simultaneous management of all the channels in which the user finds a brand, each with their own features.
The opportunity to automate the process of content customization is an important resource that allows to act also on large scale.
Why is it essential offering customized and dynamic content in a omnichannel approach?
The dynamic content applies through email, blog, landing page and it depends of the user, allowing a relevant customization and transmitting value to the user experience. For example an advertisement or a website article could change based on content interactions, as click, demographic data or leadscore.
Marketing Automation gives the right message to the right user/visitor at the right time and consistently with the Customer Journey or the campaign created by the company.

3. Lead Scoring

When there is an interaction between the users and the company contents, you obtain a series of information and data that Marketing Automation allows to acquire, categorize and define to segment the potential customers.
Through the collected information you could connect the most appropriate Buyer personas to each user, however every action can be associated with a score (the visualization of a certain page, the interaction with the company social page, the filling out of an important field).
When you track the interactions with the company channels, at every user will be associated a score that will increase based on customizable rules. The Lead Scoring allows to detect the most active users, and identify them to carry out specific actions making simple the conversion.


4. Gradual profiling with dynamic content

The sales team could get results if communicates with really interested Lead. Today, you have a great opportunity to increase the Lead Generation and profiling step-by-step only qualified leads through the Marketing Automation process.
The progressive profiling allows to track the lead step-by-step and making less invasive the process, through dynamic form and different questions based on data you already have.
Moreover, it allows to create less form and get more information from the users, with a great time saver and optimizing the results.

5. Effective communication and Branding

The companies which have implemented the Marketing Automation process associating it to a marketing omnichannel strategy they get a considerable improvement in perception and customer loyalty.
Today the users find experiences only through the synchronization about interaction and marketing to all the channels.
Fortunately is easier with Marketing Automation, because, it allows to set up a logical concept on a single platform about the brand and the company.



Seeing as, user behaviours and expectations are considerably increased, they request customized experiences for your own purchase journey.
The companies that work to associate marketing omnichannel to their strategies have got more opportunities to focus the attention of your own target market and to differentiate from competitors.
Only thanks to Marketing Automation you can optimize the time and get better results, because, is not easy managing marketing omnichannel.

by | Jun 20, 2019