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GDPR LeadBI tool

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The data of LeadBI is safety stored on servers within the European Union and we work according to the regulations of GDPR from the European Union, which monitors the transmission and storage of people’s personal information.

Our data storage is ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS certified.


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Data Processing Agreement

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How LeadBI protect your data

Why LeadBI features are useful to comply with GDPR?

LeadBI is built with Privacy by Design logic, using LeadBI you can be sure with proof for GDPR, as:

  • Access Controls for users with feature-granularity
  • Proof of opt-in signup
  • Active sessions list with the following information:
    • Session creation date
    • Last activity date
    • IP address
    • Operating system
    • Browser
    • Location (estimation based on IP)
  • Access logs with the following information:
    • Date
    • IP address
    • Operating system
    • Browser
    • Login result (granted or denied)
  • Password history control, with password change date, IP address, strength and length
  • Export of user data to meet data portability requirements
  • Permanently deletion of any data referencing to a single user
  • Automatic opt-out in any campaign or automation