Starting today, LeadBI will provide you the all new feature Lists, that will enable you to quickstart your initial email marketing steps.

What is the Lists feature

This new feature will allow you to import your email database easier and faster, letting you create a specific list for every import, to send massive emails to your contacts.

A differenza della sezione Leads, nelle Liste troverai solo i dettagli generici dei tuoi contatti, senza informazioni sulla loro attività nel tuo sito web o il loro storico di navigazione.

Unlike the Leads section, the new List will give you only the base data about your contacts, without giving you insights about their activity or their browsing history on your website. 

For this reason, Lists is perfect to import your existing email database and easilty send your email marketing campagins to your existing database.

Who is this feature for?

The Lists feature is active for both Lite and Pro plans.

If you have the Pro plan, you will find in your Leads section all the contacts that you have imported in your Lists, provided that they have interacted with your emails and browsed your website.

If you have a Light plan, you can use Lists to easily manage your email marketing activities, without worrying about the marketing automation side of the platform.

If you ever need more insight about your visitor activities, you can activate a Pro plan any time you want.


by | Dec 23, 2019