From today is available the new feature Lead Bots that allows you to get a virtual customer to your visitors, simulating a live chat and setting a series of questions for your Lead.

The thank you message is already set up and you can edit it.

The widget appears when a Lead visit your website, and you can decide in which page show it through the chat bot settings.

Following other releases:

Automations: You can clone your email automations. In this way will be easy creating a similar one and maybe making changes if you need;


Users: You can give permissions to the users;

CRM: You can insert a deal from the tab Contacts, that will be added directly on CRM Pipeline feature;


Opt-In-Forms: They are improved opt-in-forms. In particular it is improved the native form building, the relative field selector and their editing.      

Other updates: It is improved the ticket support management and bulk contacts; it is improved the send email select html template; they are improved filters SDK API and browser caching.

by | May 14, 2019