How to use your users’ data to create successful content


Whenever a user decides to interact with your brand, the user provides you with a whole series of information regarding his or her tastes and requirements. You can use this data to improve the content of your website and optimize your website according to what your audience needs.


But in practice, how can you effectively use the data you have available to improve your content?
This is exactly what we’re going to look at below. 


But first, let’s take a step back

Before being able to best use the data available to you, you need to have a strategy in place to collect your customers’ data. There are several strategies to attract users and convince them to divulge their information: one of the most common and effective methods is to offer something of value in return or the famous Lead Magnet.

How to use your lead data to create effective content

  • Create engaging content

    With data at your disposal you have the ability to understand which content has a higher engagement rate. Questions that can be answered are: What are the topics that attract and interest your audience the most? What content causes your users to leave your site?
    Analyzing the data also means knowing what content should be avoided, or to be treated marginally.

  • Find the best way to publish your content

    There are many different methods to share information: you can use text and images, produce infographics, create videos and tutorials, organize webinars, etc. With the data at your disposal, it gives you the ability to understand which type of content is best for your audience and adjust your future marketing strategies.

  • Take the time and location into account

    Analyzing your users’ data also means finding the time when the most impressions, interactions and shares occur. Taking this type of data into account is critical to creating an effective publishing strategy.
    In the same way, analyzing the data on the geographical origin of your users can be fundamental in the event you want to turn to customers of a well defined geographic niche.


These are just some of the methods in which you can leverage the data at your disposal to improve your content, optimize your marketing strategy, limit or broaden the range of users you want to reach with each type of content. Using customer data in the right way will lead your brand to grow, with measurable results, in an increasingly effective way,


by | Feb 13, 2020