Usually people don’t give their own personal information to companies, this is the reason why in exchange you need to give a “content”.
What is it and how can you realize it?

Probably you already know the meaning of Lead Magnet.
Lead magnet is a content, that attracts and incites your potential customer to send you his information, like the email or telephone number, to recall him later.
To better understand we make an example: to collect new data, you can create a Form through our LeadBI platform, offering a free download ebook. Your contacts could download the file only adding their email.
So, Lead Magnet is represented by the ebook.

To make sure that it works and that you can collect information, a good lead magnet should be:

  • Specific, that is, has to solve a certain issue for your target;
  • Valuable, that is, your potential customers should understand that those lead magnet will give them an added value such that they can send you email and name.


How to realize a good lead magnet for your business

How can you realize your lead magnet? How can you create those content so interesting for your target, so as to give you the contact information?

Here are some suggestions:

  • Find information regarding your target market (read blogs and the post comments, try to understand what the users want to know, find inspiration on social media);
  • Watch also Youtube: watch video with more views and try to understand the interests about your target.
  • Check out the Amazon reviews: you can find interesting reviews on your products, critical issues, needs and opinions on your target market;
  • Talk directly to your audience: For example, create surveys through Instagram stories for asking to your followers which topics they prefer most. Through the survey, you will have an instant feedback on various interests!

Remember: lead magnet must be simple and easy to use!


Technical details of a good lead magnet

Which are the features of a good lead magnet?

  • Length of 2-5 pages
  • Available in PDF file
  • Few written, more pictures or photos
  • Infographics
  • Very specific
  • Add always your contact information at the end

Finally choose the title: it should be vivid and incite your users!
Remember: Lead magnet could be the subscription to an event, training course or a webinar, something specific that incites a strong interest.


How can I promote my lead magnet and where can I “insert” it?

Now you realized your lead magnet (it should convince you, you have to think that is really valuable for your typical customer), you just have to insert it in a landing page and promote it. But how do you do it?
We see together the following step:

  1. Create a Landing Page to collect the data, in which you ask the information you want for your audience. For example they could be name, surname, email or telephone number;
  2. To obtain your lead magnet, the users should send you their data: your goal is to recall them!
  3. Once created the landing page through LeadBI platform, start to promote;
  4. Use all the social network at your disposal: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.
  5. You have to tell your potential customers that PDF file, ebook, webinar, or video (or something you’ve decided) is free, filling out a simple form!
  6. The lead will receive automatically the email with lead magnet and you could start to communicate with him.