When you plan your online business, you have to think about a technology that allows you to achieve effectively the targets you have established.
A Landing Page, is a website characterized by a form to acquire a contact or to purchase a product or a service.
It is one of the more used tools, because, is fast and efficient to include and convert Leads, to promote and offer or to sell a service.


When is useful to create a Landing Page and why

These kind of websites are appeared to satisfy many needs. Following, the main reasons that explain their diffusion in the last years:

  • Conversion optimization
  • Speed of realization
  • Ease of realization
  • Economic saving


To convert

One of the main reasons is certainly the conversion of user to a potential customer.
In fact, the Landing Page, has to concentrate especially on a single product, or at most only on a kind of products, seeing as how the user that visits the page finds immediately the answer to his questions.
To do this the website has to show the contents in a simple and clear way, and then to obtain the conversion.


Be fast online

Another reason that encourage the companies to develop Landing Page and manage them through the platforms, is represented by time and budget limits. Often in fact there are market opportunities to get by a certain time limit.
However, our LeadBI platform allows to realize in a simple and intuitive way the targeted Landing Pages.


Ease of realization

Developing a single page without many deepenings, it guarantees a work reduction in relation to planning and developing. Often there is no need to create a complex website with many pages, because, doesn’t allow to achieve the fixed goals.
Focus on a single page allows you to not waste the time to produce contents and low quality pages, with the result to be excessive to the user.


Economic saving

To realize a single page compared to a more complex website, in addition to be easy it results more cheap.


How is organized a Landing Page?

A Landing Page has to show an efficient organization, such as to lead the user to a contact/purchase form, and to avoid that bounce on the site.
Example of appropriate structure:

  • Service, product, offer introduction
  • Explanation of advantages
  • Contact of purchase form



Generally the introduction is characterized by a product image with the following strong points of relative offer, and moreover call to action that lead the user easily and quickly to a purchase form.
It is important to ensure the user addicting to a visible area the email and phone contacts: In this way you will have a bigger trust and will reduce the distances between customer and vendor.


Explanation of advantages

The essential rule to follow is to be concises, since so many times the user doesn’t want to waste time for long readings.
To simplify the reading is important divide into paragraphs, use titles and subtitles, bulleted and numbered lists and alternate text with images.


Contact and purchase form

The Landing Page has the target to lead the user to a form and finally to the purchase, so it must be developed to obtain this result. In case of contact/lead request, the form has to contain few fields but that are essentials to avoid that the user desists. In case of products or services sale, even if there are so many information, is better to request those strictly necessaries.

by | May 29, 2019