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LeadBI South Africa is a country partner of LeadBI international which is a company that provides cutting edge Marketing Automation solutions. LeadBI South Africa has been established by Shaun Swanepoel who headed the email deliverability for both GraphicMail and TotalSend. Shaun has over 12 years of experience in email deliverability and Linux systems administration and engineering.

What is LeadBI?

LeadBI is a Marketing Automation Platform, for B2B companies, communication agencies and web marketing, that allows you to track, identify and convert your visitors into potential customers through inbound marketing.

It is an essential tool for B2B that helps to implement Inbound Marketing for your organization.
Many companies already use analysis and tracking methods, however these tools don’t show any information about visitors.
LeadBI is designed to solve this issue, allowing you to get all the essential tools for your own digital marketing activities in one platform.

It recognizes your website visitors through cookies, allows to monitor their behaviour viewing the user customer journey in real time and through the automation editor you can send automatic emails based on events and conditions.
The user gets over 80 tools such as: form creator, pop-up creator, crm integration, newsletter editor, building workflows, landing pages, quick contacts, and many other tools to optimize your own marketing automation activities.

LeadBI turns the data into a sales opportunity, communicates precisely with the Leads according to their interests through automatic and profiled email.

All the data is collected into the platform, provided in real time and segmented with a tag, allowing you to send customized content to a specific target.

Where or how has everything started? 

It starts with GraphicMail. GraphicMail was once the largest bulk mail provider in Africa with country partners in quite a few countries. GraphicMail turned out to be the meeting ground for quite a few people in the email industry today.

GraphicMail was focused on bulk mail and its local South African competitor TotalSend was focused on bulk, transactional mail, and SMS. As the bulk mail industry is aging, regulations are becoming stricter and ironically the market is flooded with pop up bulk mail providers, thus time to change is inevitable and email marketing is evolving into a more targeted and personal approach and that’s where LeadBI steps up with marketing automation.

Nicolo Capone the ex Graphicmail country partner for Italy met up with a developer Andrei Tofan both based in Italy and both shared the same ideas and values in which they decided to create a marketing automation platform which is lead centric. 

Shaun and Nicolo met through GraphicMail more than a decade ago and has since stayed in touch over the years. During the years Shaun worked at TotalSend he often advised Nicolo on certain issues around email deliverability. As TotalSend closed its doors, Shaun approached Nicolo and negotiations started to create a local instance of LeadBI in which LeadBI South Africa became an official country partner for South Africa, making LeadBI South Africa the 2nd country partner for LeadBI. 

One thing can be said about Italians and South Africans, they bargain hard but in the end, they share a lot of common values in what they want in life!

LeadBI now has support in English, Afrikaans, Italian, and Spanish.

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