Optimize your conversions

Make every interaction count with easy automated tools

Stay on top of everything with Lead Analytics

Your real-time intelligence report

Make use of our state-of-the-art tracking technology and keep a precise overview of your customers’ interactions on your website.

You can go back in time and check the conversion points of every single lead, before they have filled any form.

Keep track of every user interaction, and use the data to build your smart marketing strategy.

Detailed Analytics for every Lead

Go back in time to see the steps before the conversion

Get reports directly in your mailbox

Broadcast your message in 2 clicks

Send emails or SMS to all your contacts whenever you want, with the Campaign tool

Automation is a feature, not an obligation. You can send your email to all your contacts with ease, when it makes the most sense for your clients and for you.

Create your email with our easy drag-and-drop editor, use tags to include or exclude your contacts and make smart campaigns on-demand.

You can also send your email from other platforms and track them in LeadBI as soon as they click on a link.

Choose the right customers using tags

Send SMS with your Personalized Sender

Integrate Social and Adwords campaigns

Automate your marketing

Work smarter, not harder!

Engage your customers with personalized emails and build one-to-one messages effortlessly and automatically.

With our Automation Workflow you can wait for your lead to visit a specific page, add a tag to his profile, send him an email after 2 hours, and then fire an SMS after 1 day in case he didn’t open your email.

All this automatically. Set it and forget it.

Use Forms, Page visits and emails as trigger

Integrate Emails, SMS, alerts to your sales team

Lead Score

Start generating leads from your website

Integrate LeadBI forms and widgets to start building your customer base

Don’t lose any more opportunities from your website.
You can create and automate tailored subscription forms, or track any form already present in your website right away.

Insert the LeadBI Quick Contact Widget to spark a conversation in every page of your website, with zero lines of code.

And even if you don’t have a website, no problem: you can use our Landing Pages to attract and convert all your potential leads!


Use Quick Widget in every page of your website

Create and Integrate every kind of online form

(newsletter subscription, info request, pop-up, full-screen…)