Frequently Asked Questions

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How accurate is the company information supplied?

We work extremely hard to ensure that data supplied about companies is relevant and kept up to date. We work closely with a number of companies over the world to ensure this is kept as a top priority for us.

Does the gathered information conform to the Data Protection Act?

Yes. All the information is gathered from information that is readily available in the public domain. We carefully filter the correct information and provide it to you in a clear and coherent way.

Are you able to find the name and contact information of every single visitor?

No. It is only possible to obtain details of companies that have a fixed IP address. We have refined a process of delivering the most accurate information, however, some information is not available and therefore LeadBI will provide all information possible to for leads.

Is a credit card needed for the Free Trial?

No. You will receive a 15 Day Free Trial. There is no need for a credit card during your sign up stage. Throughout the 15 Day Free Trial we will tell you who is visiting your website, their company name, address, website, telephone number, the pages they visited and the services they were interested in.